Black & Brown Unity

The Beloved Community Center is committed to developing projects that improve the quality of life and unity amongst communities of color. The Beloved Community Center has been involved in community building projects beginning in 2008 with a major Black/Brown Conference, which explored the interconnectedness of the cultures and struggles within African American and Latino Communities. This work has grown into relationships with local and national organizations that also work to serve as community builders between African Americans and Latinos. The Beloved Community Center has worked for this unity in education, labor, accountability towards our police department and the economic well being of both the African American and Latino communities.  We see this particular struggle for unity as a fundamental part of building the larger Beloved Community.

The Beloved Community Center stands with and works alongside FLOC, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee. FLOC has been a longtime advocate and voice for the dignity and human rights of farm workers.  The BCC supports this work by organizing our connections with faith ministries, students and supporters from across the state. The BCC has organized camp visits, discussions and conferences that have raised awareness and action towards a more just and equitable system for farmers and farm workers. This work continues to be anchored by our faith community and the belief that we are commissioned to “do unto others, as we would have them do unto us.”

The Beloved Community Center has worked with the Almighty Latin King and Queen Network (ALKQN) as they worked towards peace amongst street groups and greater unity amongst the poor and marginalized communities of North Carolina. The “Inca” or leader of the ALKQN for the state of North Carolina, Jorge Cornell, along with the ALKQN has been a powerful force for good in the Greensboro Community. This work has resulted in the development of a peace treaty amongst various street groups and plans to work with street groups called the Paradigm Shift. This work has grown to be an example of the realization of the potential for building community we all share. The Beloved Community Center has advocated for equal treatment within and from our police department. The work of building community amongst black and brown communities has been guided by the belief that to build a Beloved Community the police department must be held to a high standard of accountability and professionalism. Read the attached “Soul Cries Out” document for an important message and update about our friend Jorge Cornell.