Grassroots History


The Beloved Community Center stems from decades of grassroots social justice struggles that have given great influence and shape to the way we look at and approach current day social justice struggles. We believe to truly understand the struggles we are currently facing we need to understand the often untold and forgotten stories of those who stood before us.   Sharing our knowledge and understanding of Greensboro’s grassroots history is a key part of our work; we’ve amassed an extensive archive of photographs, artifacts and stories of key events, people, and groups in our city’s past.  The BCC is especially mindful of the long history of ignoring, distorting, and/or co-opting the rich, vibrant history of people of color, especially as it relates to the struggles for social transformation. Grassroots History Program strives to authenticate and preserve the historic accuracy and integrity of the social change movement of Greensboro and Guilford County and share it with the community and beyond through tours, seminars, historical displays, workshops and events.


Greensboro Grassroots History Tours

Lead by 1960s veteran organizer Mr. Lewis A. Brandon III. Participants retrace the footprints of the Civil Rights Movement through out Greensboro, visiting historic locations often times left out of history books and museums. This tour provides the opportunity for participants to interact with those who organized demonstrations, sit-ins and affected change in the city.

In addition to the Grassroots History Tour we sponsor an annual Grassroots Hall of Fame program, offer a traveling grassroots history display, sponsor seminars, workshops, speaking engagements, and other programs to acknowledge the contributions of ordinary and diverse people from our community.
If you are interested in scheduling a Grassroots History Tour or any other programs please fill out our Grassroots History Tour Form.