Get Out The Vote 2016!


Greensboro and NC State Needs: 

  • The Repeal of House Bill 2
  • The Repeal of House Bill 972 and the Adoption of People’s Ordinance to Access Police Body Camera Footage
  • Sustainable Economic Development and Job
  • Programs & Opportunities and a Living Wage of $15.00/hour
  • Quality Health Care for the Poor and Indigent and the Expansion of Medicaid
  • Restore State Funding for K-12 and Higher Education to the 2008 Levels
  • Require Duke Energy to Clean-up Coal Ash ponds and Municipalities to Enforce Water and Air Quality Rules


Guildford County Election Day is TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2016

In Person Early Voting Schedules for the November 8th General Election:

Thursday-Friday   Oct. 20-21          8:00-5:00 PM

Monday-Friday     Oct. 24-28          8:00-5:00 PM

Saturday               Oct 29                8:00-6:30 PM

Sunday                 Oct. 30               11:00-5:00 PM

Monday-Friday     Sept. 30-Oct.4    8:00-5:00 PM

Old Courthouse High Point Election

301 W. Market Street 325 E. Russell Ave.

1st Floor, Room 100 1st Floor

Greensboro, NC High, Point, NC

*Absentee Early Voting Ballots will be received at both locations; however, on Oct. 5 they will only be received at the W. Market Street location.